Frequently Asked Questions

Coconut Care Plans

How do I subscribe to Coconut Protection?

Coconut Protection is a non-binding subscription to protect your electronic device. Just give the model of your device and click "Buy protection". We will estimate the purchase price and the amount of the deductible in the event of an accident. Afterwards, you will be able to perform validation tests which will continue with an immediate check by our team. In short, you are also quickly insured at Coconut Protection In addition, if your device is already damaged, you can tell us from the beginning on the same page without having any worries. We will do what is necessary to give you the essential repair at the best price before granting a protection plan to the device.


📋 What does Coconut Protection coverage?

In order for your device to be protected in all circumstances, we protect against breakage, oxidation and more! Many elements of a smartphone can break (the screen or back side) or even have malfunctions over time. For example, the battery, the speakers or the camera of the device. Oxidation can also affect the health of your device. That's why Coconut Care is committed to quickly handling all accidental damages -related breaks! We handle all types of hardware breaks. However, software malfunctions and programmed obsolescence's are supported by the phone manufacturer.


How does Coconut Protection support my phone?

When you live in any part of Canada, we send you a support box as soon as you declare your claim. You can send it to our workshop so we can take care of it quickly.


How do I report a claim?

To start off, you have go to your member space, and click "Declare a disaster." Then you will have to answer the questionnaire related to what happened. After that, you'll have to give us a detailed description of damaged parts of your device and once this statement is completed, you can send it to us with only one click on our website.


My phone is used, can it be protected?

Is your phone used? Did you buy it refurbished ? It's not a new phone? There is no problem, we will try and do our best! If your device is damaged, we will offer you a repair at the best price. Then we can give you a protection plan with Coconut Protection! If it is used but in good condition, you can also simply estimate the cost of your subscription on our homepage.


Do I have to pay a deductible?

The deductible is to be paid simply when we a reaplcement of equipment of peaces needs to be changed or replaced.


What is Coconut home care protection?

Coconut Home Care is a protection that covers all electronic devices in your home, except your cellphones. Coconut home Care gives you peace of mind for your home technology. Stop paying for overpriced repairs and enjoy affordable protection for everyone.
o Example of articles protected by Coconu Home Care: Television, video console games, laptop, google home, ect ...


Do we have a contract?

Coconut offers protection without a contract.
All of our clients have the freedom to cancel their coverage at any time without penalty.


How many devices can I cover?

An unlimited number of eligible electronic devices, new or existing, are covered by our Coconut Home Care.


Do we have to pay a deductible?

A deductible may be required at the time of repair or replacement of your device depending on the repair to be carried out.

With Coconut Home Care (Home electronics):

  • 0$ to 200$ = 0$
  • 200.01$ to 400$ = 25$
  • 400.01$ to 600$ = 75$
  • 600.01$ to 800 = 100$
  • 800.01$ or more = 150$

With Coconut Protection (Phones):

  • 0$ à 149.99$ = 50$ 
  • 150$ à 299.99$ = 100$ 
  • 300$ à 449.99$ = 150$ 
  • 450$ à 599.99$ = 200$ 
  • 600$ à 749.99$ = 250$ 
  • 750$ à 899.99$ = 300$ 
  • 900$ à 1049.99$ = 350$ 
  • 1050$ à 1199.99$ = 400$ 
  • 1200$ ou plus = 450$ 


What if my device is not repairable, what are my replacement choices that I will receive?

If Coconut is not able to repair your device, it must be replaced with a new or refurbished product at our discretion. The replacement device will have similar features and functionality to the original product.


How long does the protection last?

There is no time limit to protect your devices. With Coconut home care, you will be protected for as long as you are a subscriber.


What is the claim limit?

A maximum of $ 1,500 per claim.
A maximum of $ 4000 in claims per year.


When does my coverage take effect?

Coconut home care protection takes effect 30 days from the date of your subscription and ends 30 days after the date of cancellation.


Why should I take out protection for my devices at home?

To stop paying thousands of dollars in repairs or trade-ins when your device can be saved. Coconut gives you peace of mind by protecting each of your eligible products


How can I keep track of the limits of the claims I have made so far?

You can contact our customer service by chat at shop.coconut.com and an advisor will follow up on your complaints.


How do I cancel my Coconut Home Care subscription?

Since there is no contract attached to the subscription, you can cancel at any time. A pro rata monthly fee will be refunded to you when your service is terminated.
o Communicate by chat with our customer service at shop.coconut.com to cancel your subscription.