“My Phone keeps shutting off… My Phone keeps overheating… My phone is slow… My phone doesn’t charge easily”

Are you feeling that your device’s performance is starting to lag?  Well, you are not the only one having this feeling!

Technology is finite, and the components on your device has a designed lifespan. For example, as specified by Apple, for your iPhone to be at its sufficient performance it must have a battery health of over 80%.

When buying used phones in the local market, if not refurbished properly, most phones will have on average a battery health of between 83% – 87%.
The days of replacement battery are long gone in most modern phones, as most have built-in lithium batteries.

The lithium-ion batteries built-in to your phone not only required a full disassembly by an experienced technician, but if damaged or punctured, can become a potential hazard to the user.

So, what is the solution? We propose to insure your cellular device with a protection plan to offset any defects or damages

When doing so, when you see the peak performance of your device start to decline, you can always resort to a professional technician to replace your battery with one stronger than the one your phone came with in the first place.
Doing so will keep your phone smooth to the touch, and snappy to every command you input.

If you want to insure your devices at an amazing rate, Coconut Care is a great option for your device protection needs.

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