“I just dropped my iPhone in water! What should I do?”

There's a  LOT of false information online on how to rescue a water-damaged phone! Do not make a crucial mistake that could destroy your phone beyond repair.

You should know water damage does not happen only in bathrooms and toilets. A single drop can wreak havoc on your phone at the gym, or even playing a round of golf. Some companies have been releasing water-resistant phones … But water-resistant does not mean waterproof.  

Newer phones have water-resistant seals, which are likely to get worn out with time just like other parts. Consistent wear and tear can lead to older phones being more susceptible to water damage, and these seals are especially susceptible to damage from thicker liquids, such as gels and lotions.  

The solution ?  

We at Coconut offer an unseen protection for your phone. We protect water damage phones from any companies on the market. Our plan are starting at 10$/month, take a look at it.  

It could save your phone AND save you money. 


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