How to keep your phone or tablet screen clean and hygienic ?

Phone screens are high-touch surfaces. We spend hours on our phones and tablets every day and often neglect to clean these devices. Bacteria and germs can enter your phone screen while you are using your device and spread between users.

You should always clean your phone and tablet screen regularly to prevent the spread of germs. If you haven't cleaned your screen in a while, now is the time to do it!

Obviously, if you're looking to sanitize your phone, water won't get you far. Since alcohol-based cleaners can damage your phone, using them is out of the question, but UV lamps can do the job if needed.

UV-Clean disinfectant has two UV-C lamps that produce waves of light that penetrate the walls of mobile devices, destroying bacteria and viruses. Just turn your phone over to clean on each side, in 2 minutes your phone will be completely disinfected. It's a great disinfection option, and it's also good for travel, thanks to its portable size.


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