4 gift-giving tips to give the perfect present this holiday


Giving good gifts is like any skill: you can improve by learning from others and lots of practice. Here are 4 tips for giving the perfect holiday gifts this season. 

How to give the perfect holiday gift 

Just like any skill, giving good gifts requires practice and opening yourself up to learning from others. When I realized that I could get better, I created a plan: 

  • I read a ton of tips and books about gift-giving.  
  • I sent out hundreds of holiday gifts to my friends and family over the next few years. And improved after seeing their reactions.  
  • I even built a process with my assistant to systematize it. I made it a priority and it radically changed my personal and professional life.  
  • Most of all, I started finding JOY in choosing a great gift and seeing their reaction.  

After years of gift-giving, here are some of the lessons I’ve learned : 

Holiday gifts tip #1: If someone is really into something, DON’T BUY IT for them. 

Holiday gifts tip #2: Give people what they want, not what you “think they want” or need. 

Holiday gifts tip #3: Presentation matters. 

Holiday gifts tip #4: Give the gift in front of others. 

Generosity is a huge part of my life so I've tried to “dial in” and get deeper. I wanted to share what I've learned so far about giving good gifts, but I’m still improving.

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