Reason why you should have screen protectors for your smartphone.

by kevin azede on November 05, 2020


If you like your current phone, big chances are that you do not want it cracked or damaged, your trying to find a high-quality tempered glass screen protector? Getting your screen protector installed by IntelCell is exactly what your looking for, here are reasons why. 

Todays tempered screen protectors are more secured and invisible than other years, there’s is no worrying about yellowing or clouding, they became so thin and transparent that its like having a second invisible screen, Many screen protectors offer a 99.9% transparency and a 98.9% of security for the original screen of the phone. 

Every tempered glass screen protector is made to be strong, long lasting and scratch-resistant, now you know for sure that your smartphone screen is completely protected. With cut-outs for speaker grills and microphone holes, they adhere tightly to your device’s screen thanks to a chemical spray that leaves no unwanted residue. VERY strong and capable of taking a big smack to the pavement, a high-quality screen protector from Coconut can save your phone from a nasty crack or shatter. 


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