Our Back to School essentials


With the return to school imminent, you have to start thinking about the essentials to be ready to be back to school.

We though about you and we wanted to simplify your life by preparing you a list of must have to start the school year on the good foot. 

So there you go, thank us later :

Accessories essentials for back to school

-UV lamp to clean your phones : Kills 99.99% of germs

-AirPods for everyone in the family.

-A good speaker for the young and the old ones : Enliven your exercise with the iBTB2 Bluetooth speaker and stay hydrated with the attached water bottle.

-A wireless charger charger : PROCharge Unplugged delivers up to 10-watts of power for compatible Quick Charge devices. 

-An eco-conscious case : Made of plant-based materials
100% Biodegradable, zero waste!

-A liquid screen protector, perfect for every phones and tablets : When it dries, the liquid creates an ultra thin glass layer of 0.0004 mm acting like a genuine shield completely invisible to the eye and to the touch.

-And of course, a brand new alarm clock to always be on time⏰ : Play music over the Bluetooth wireless connection or via aux-in jack, while a 1 Amp USB port keeps your mobile device charged. 


🎉We are wishing you a wonderful school year !🎉

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