Keep you iPhone Uniquely yours!


With the unveiling of iOS 14 in September, Apple introduced Widgets! Use these Steps-by-Steps instructions to complement the exterior of your iPhone!

Step 1: Create a theme. We would suggest revolving your ideas around a preferred wallpaper, as you can use the colors and design elements to brainstorm ideas for a shortcut images. Want a selection of great wallpapers try the app “Backdrops -Wallpaper”, they have a great selection of images to choose from.

Step 2: Choose your top apps. We would suggest apps that you use daily. Once chosen, you will search the internet for images that corresponds with each apps and save each image to your Photos.

Step 3: Head into your Shortcuts app. Hit the “Plus Symbol, select “Add Action”, in the search bar you will type “Open App”, then select what is shown in the list, then hit “Choose”, and then pick the apps you want to customize (the example we will use is the “Clock” app). Then select the “3 Dots Icon” to the right of the app name, here you can rename the app whatever you want it to be, then select “Add to Home Screen”

Step 4: On the Add to Home Screen, is where you will choose the image of the app by tapping the “Image Icon” at the bottom on the left-hand side of Clock. Select “Choose Photo”, once the gallery is open you can choose an image you wish to use and adjust the placement of the photo. Once satisfied with the image, you will then select “Choose”, then you will tap “Add” at the top left corner. Now it will be added to you home screen.

Just be aware with all this great aesthetic appeal comes with some downsides. Every time you select the app you wish to open, it will load the shortcut app for a split of a second, and then open automatically the app preferred.

Step 5: Choose your Widgets. We would suggest to pick widget with purpose and that important to you. Firstly, press and hold your screen, hit the “Plus Symbol”, on the top left corner of the screen, then you will search for “Color Widgets”. You then choose the size of widget you want, then select “Add Widget”, then hit done on the top right corner of the screen. Then tap on the widget you created, it will open the Color Widgets App. Once you are in the app, there will be a plethora of pre-set widgets you can choose from, but you can customize the widget by simply tapping one, and then select “Edit Widget”. Once inside you can customize the widget to you how you like.

To make you home screen pop a bit more aesthetically, we suggest choosing the “Photo Widget” to put custom meaningful photos that can be changed at 5-10 minute intervals.

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